Several factors determine your recommended services including medical history, desired goals and personal lifestyle. We implement evidence-based practice, along with professional judgment, in order to achieve optimum nutrition and wellness outcomes.

Utilizing the Academy of Nutrition evidence-based practice guidelines along with recent progress in nutrigenomics, our registered dietitians make decisions about appropriate plans during your initial appointment.

Visits and services below also include the flexibility using our telehealth and app platforms

initial Visit

60-90 Minutes: $120.00

Follow-up visits*

60 Minutes: $100.00

30 Minutes: $60.00

* Time allotment is determined by the registered dietitian based on your nutrition plan.
The length and frequency of visits can vary and will be discussed during your initial session.
Our fees are private pay only. We currently do not accept insurance but will provide a super bill upon request.

Packaged Services

Please note that packages are non-refundable.



•Individuals who are referred by their physician for medical nutrition therapy

•Your personalized nutrition services include: clinical nutrition support (IV nutrition or tube feeds recommendations), Individual diet counseling (specific disease/condition counseling: cardiovascular, diabetes & pre-diabetes,  liver, kidney,  oncology, gastrointestinal disorders & hypoglycemia)

Price covers 1st visit (60 minutes) and one follow-up session (30 minutes)



•Individuals who want to start a lifestyle change and initiate a personalized nutrition plan

•Your personalized nutrition services include: weight management, calculating individual micro & macro-nutrient needs, food journal feedback, unlimited communication through mobile app

Price covers 1st visit (60 minutes) and four follow-up plan sessions (30 minutes each)



•Individuals who want to discover an in depth analysis through nutrigenomic testing  and personalized plan tailored to their DNA

Price covers 1st visit 30 minutes initial appointment (to collect a saliva sample, general health and medical history and answer any questions you may have) and one follow up session 60 minutes (to discuss your personalized nutrition report of your unique genetic profile analysis)



More services are available please contact us for pricing and details: 

Weight Management Classes

Nutrition Seminars


Corporate Health and Wellness

Grocery Store Tours


Cooking Demos

Meal Plans/Recipes