I often find that most people have no idea how much they eat. They don’t know how many meals, snacks, nibbles or handfuls of food they eat each day. Have you ever caught yourself nibbling on food while you’re cooking? 

Keeping a food record is one of the most important techniques to help you lose weight. You can keep a food record on a piece of paper or use one of the free online Apps. You may also download a free Daily Food Log on our website https://www.mynutritionandme.com/daily-food-log/A food record can help you identify your daily meal patterns. It can also help you visualize the amount of food eaten per meal and per day. The key is to be true to yourself and record everything. In your food record, make sure to include food and drink, time and amount of food eaten. Will you record that piece of cheese you ate as you were prepping the appetizer for your family gathering?In addition, a registered dietitian can coach and help recognize the patterns and educate on making changes to lose weight. It is similar to initial piano lessons where you start to read notes and become more creative at playing in your own way.