Nutrigenomix Testing

Research has shown that personalized dietary advice based on your DNA is more valuable than general population based recommendations. Nutrigenomix Inc. has developed a safe, easy-to-use kit that enables your registered dietitian to develop a dietary plan that is tailored to your unique genetic profile. Nutrigenomix Inc. is dedicated to empowering registered dietitians and their clients with comprehensive, reliable, genomic information with the ultimate goal of improving health through personalized nutrition. 

Nutrigenomix Inc. is a University of Toronto start-up biotechnology company that moves genetic studies from the laboratory into the clinic. Nutrigenomix International Science Advisory Board consists of global leaders in the area of nutrigenomics. Nutrigenomix has developed a panel of genetic tests that enable us to provide you with personalized nutritional recommendations based on your DNA.

When it comes to your diet, a one-size-fits all approach may not lead to optimal health.  A simple DNA test will get you started down the path to eating according to your genes! The Nutrigenomix® test kit enables us to counsel our clients according to their unique genetic profile. Through CAP and CLIA accredited labs, Nutrigenomix Inc. provides My Nutrition & Me clients with the genetic test kits, genotyping and customized reports based on cutting-edge research and stringent standards of scientific evidence.

Health & Wellness

This comprehensive genetic test consists of a panel of 45 genetic markers that enable your healthcare professional to provide you with personalized nutrition advice and physical activity recommendations tailored to your DNA. This test can help you determine how you respond to key components of your diet as well as physical activity. The results of this test can impact weight loss & body composition, nutrient metabolism, heart health, food intolerances, and eating habits. The test also provides you with information related to the relationship between your genes and athletic performance & injury risk. Your test results are presented in a customized report, which includes dietary and physical activity recommendations based on your individual genetic profile.


Q: How is the testing done?

All that is required to test is a simple saliva sample. The sample will be taken by your dietitian and sent to the Nutrigenomix laboratory for analysis.

Q: Can my test results be bad?

Our Nutrigenomix test analyzes DNA for common genetic variants that affect your response to the foods and beverages you consume. The test does not predict or diagnose any disease or health condition. With the information from your test results, your dietitian will be able to provide you with dietary advice tailored to your individual genetic profile.

Q: Can I get the test done without contacting a dietitian?

No. A consult with a dietitian is the best way to gain the optimum benefit from your genetic test results and personalized nutrition report. Your dietitian will be able to explain the findings and recommendations to you and help you achieve your optimal diet and healthy eating habits, based on your unique genetic profile.

Q: How long will it take to get my results?

Once our laboratory receives your saliva sample from your dietitian it should take approximately 2-4 weeks for the analysis and recommendations to be sent to your dietitian. Your dietitian will contact you as soon as they receive the results and set up a time to discuss them with you.

Q: Who will have access to my genetic test results?

Only your dietitian will be able to access your genetic test results through Nutrigenomix. Your DNA kit is marked with a unique barcode, which is what we will use at our facilities to analyze your sample. Only your dietitian will be able to link your kit’s barcode to your personal information. All genetic data is sent through a secure 128-bit encryption server.

Q: What will happen to my DNA sample?

Your sample will be stored in our secure, controlled-access facilities and labeled only with your unique barcode, which only your dietitian will know belongs to you. As new discoveries in the field of nutrigenomics are made, additional information may be added to our test reports and new panels with additional cutting-edge information could be available to you.